Fallout 3
The Capital Wasteland is the remains of the city of Washington D.C and it's surrounding cities and forest-like area. It is the main setting for the events of Fallout 3.


During the Great War, the Capital Wasteland was hit much harder, and as such, large areas are still in-hospitable due to heavy radiation or hostile denizens.

As opposed to the Mojave and the Core Region, it's fauna is extremely limited. Flora is scarce aside from various fungi still growing in cave formations but the trees of the region have been scorched and burned. No form of precipitation (rain) has been witnessed in the Capital Wasteland. Functioning villages and settlements are scarce, and those that are there struggle immensely, due to the lack of purified water or fresh food that is available. The city of D.C is desolate due to it being hit the hardest and the buildings that once stood are now completely destroyed or have large structural damage.

Major factionsEdit

  • Lyon's Pride Brotherhood of Steel
  • Enclave

Minor factionsEdit

  • Brotherhood Outcasts



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