This page describes what is seen as good behaviour when interacting with others and when editing throughout the wiki, for the chat specific rules, please see this page.


  • Do not vandalise a page.
  • Do not remove content without a specific and viable reason.
  • Do not plagiarise, copying content and claiming it to be your own will not be tolerated. If content is copied, then you must present a source.

User pages and User talks

  • You may not edit another person's user page without their permission, vandalising another's user page is grounds for a sanction.
  • You are given free reign on your user page. However, if you use this ability to insult others or add indecent or inapporiate content, it will be removed and you will be sanctioned.
  • You are free to leave messages on others talk pages, as this is their purpose. However, if you leave rude, insulting or threatening posts on anothers talk page, you may be issued with a block.
  • Users that have insulting messages on their talk pages are free to remove them. However, you are not free to remove other content and especially not free to remove warnings from moderators or admins. Doing so may event in a ban.

Blog Comments

  • Be polite.
  • Do not purposefully start a flamewar.
  • Do not post meaningless comments and spam.
  • Be readable.