Leather armor is a light armor found in Fallout New Vegas. Useful for sneak-based characters, it sports a fast movement speed but lacks any significant protection from enemies. Although leather armor is generally swapped for a better light armor as the game goes on, acquiring this armor early on can be a veritable God-send in the Mojave Wasteland.


  • Can be bought from Chet in Goodsprings
  • Deputy Beagle in Primm wears a set, but killing him will turn residents hostile as well as a decrease in Karma.
  • Most Vipers and Jackals will wear a set.



Leather armor can be found extremely early on in the game, and offers significant protection from the enemies a player at that point would likely be facing. It also boasts fast movement speed, which is great for traveling between towns. Leather armor is also incredibly easy to maintain, as new sets for repairs are extremely cheap.


Later on in the game, this armor just doesn't have a high enough DT for the enemies that will be appearing. It's useful for quite some time in a player's beginning hours, but after a while a new set of armor should be picked up.

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