Legendary Bloatfly
Legendary bloatfly
The Legendary bloatfly
Variants Bloatfly
Location Big Mountain
Appearances Fallout: New Vegas

The Legendary Bloatfly is a hostile Arthropod, found in Big MT in 2281.




Legendary BloatflyEdit

Health DR DT Attacks/Abilities Loot
2000 20 0%

Melee (Ranged): 450 DMG

50 Bloatfly Meat
20 Empty Syringes

Upon death the Bloatfly grants 500 Experience points.


Weapon EfficiencyEdit

The most efficient weapons, based upon required shots to kill and damage overhead, for defeating the Legendary Bloatfly are as follows (Note: Damage is based on the minimum skill requirement of that weapon being met):


Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
Pistol Ranger Sequoia 41 33.6
Rifle Anti-Materiel Rifle 23 24
SMG 12.7mm SMG 70 16
Shotgun Big Boomer 21 16
Heavy-WP FIDO 70 16

Energy WeaponsEdit

Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
Pistol Pew Pew 34 40
Rifle YCS/186 18 16
Heavy-WP Tesla-Beaton Prototype 22 14


Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
Projectile Fat Man 3 400

Holy Frag Grenade¹



Placed MFC Cluster 6 164.8

¹ Due to limitations of quantity, the Holy-Frag Grenade cannot be used 4 times. It is recommended to use the Nuka-Grenade in its place.


Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
Bladed Thermic Lance 25 0
Blunt Oh, Baby! 32 48
Thrown Protonic Inversal Throwing Axe 42 16


Type Weapon Shots/req. DMG Over.
- Ballistic Fist 32 48


The legendary Bloatfly is found in the Big MT in the location marked Mysterious Cave. It is considerably larger than the normal bloatfly and has a pale green aura, making it easier to spot in the cave. Unlike normal bloatflies, it fires an extremely high damage plasma-like projectile from its tail and will explode like a plasma grenade when killed, leaving a goo pile instead of a corpse. If killed with a laser weapon critical it will leave a pile of goo and ash (both searchableI Its a good idea to have plenty of stimpacks, some chems (Buffout for mobility, Med-X for damage resistance) as well as Ghost Sight/Cateye for improved visibility.

When you start to attack the Legendary Bloatfly the best way is to get in between the crevice so that it may deflect some of its projectiles. Otherwise the boulder to the right offers great cover to reload and healing.

V.A.T.S. may not be a good idea as it makes your player an open and easy target.

The Legendary Bloatfly will down a high level player in 2 to 3 hits, even with a high damage threshold.