Traversing the harsh grounds of the wastes can always prove a challenge, with creatures such as Yao Guai and feral ghouls roaming every corner, but when you drift into industrialized cities of before the war, it is there that things begin to get...strange.

Trogs are the hazardous offspring of intense radiation and pollution added to normal, average humans. They are our brothers in body and chemical composition, but in mind and form, they are an entirely different spcies. And these beasts are something not to be messed with.


Trogs have appeared in several areas around the American regions, most notably in the Pitt, the remnants of Pre-War Pittsburgh. They have shown up in other environments, but it very uncommon, as they are not fit to travel due to their intense sensitivity to light as a result of decreased melanin. However, their birth is all the same: a sickly population, living in an area of intense radiation and pollution eventually degrades into this. In a sense, they are very similar to feral ghouls, being radiation a cause for their condition. Both also have the harmful compounds destroy the logic center of the brain, leading to ferality and malicious behavior, thinking not with reason rather with basic, animal instincts.

Composition and TacticsEdit

Trogs are very aggressive and hostile to all besides their own kind, although they have been observed to display some signs of intelligence. Mostly, however, they are animalistic and rest at nothing to get their prey. Despite this, they are very devoted to their kind, especially Brutes, and if one is harmed the rest will assist. Most, however, are not that durable, and so unless encountered in large groups one will not be that pressed in combat.

Trogs act like wolves in the sense that they hunt in packs. They hunt their prey using quick speed and keen eyes and ears and will tract it to the ends of earth. Due to their human origin, they have retained certain aspects of intelligence and apply this to combat, flanking and ambushing targets at points and sneaking when needed. However, the majority of the time they will run straight at the desired target in great numbers and will try to bring it down with their speed, strength, and numbers.

When dealing with trogs, the only true way to not be overwhelmed is to simply keep your bearings and cool and know your surroundings. The largest threat to those facing off against these monsters is being lost, ambushed, or surrounded due to panicing or disorientation. Make sure you know where you are before going into battle, and try to stay calm, as those you are facing are inferior to you in skill and intelligence.